Try Again Tomorrow

by Best Buds

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Here's another ten songs


released December 19, 2016

Elijah plays guitar and writes the lyrics
Alec plays guitar and sings on toxic tendencies

Noah plays bass

Cody plays drums

This album was recorded at UnderDoom Studios in San Jose, CA by

Jason Hallyburton on Halloween 2016

Saoirse and Kai Alesandro did the art for the album

Chris at Dutch Crunch DIY is putting the album out on tape

We would like to thank:
Everybody that helped us put this together, all the above mentioned people
All of our parents, siblings and significant others
Logos the rabbit
Brad Neely
the band Mom Jeans
Zach Pallin for doing silly gang vocals w/ us
and San Jose, CA



all rights reserved


Best Buds San Jose, California

Just a few buds making the best of it

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Track Name: Potential
i'm the early bird who missed the worm
you can ask my mom she can confirm
they said i had so much potential
i thought i was so fucking special
i followed my dreams into the trash
i spent five years encased in ash
i spent five sears wasting away
i tell my self that i'm ok
but i'm
way behind
i didn't go to college
it doesn't matter anywy
i would have smoked weed every day
twenty four
i feel like my life is over
nothing matters any way
i know that i will die one day
Track Name: Decent Song
ho do awas fuck this up
i had to pee into a cup
i don't know if im gonna keep my job
i will probably get fired
this whole thing is getting tired
the pattern keeps repeating
and i keep overeating

cuz i get fired all the time
but i can write a decent song
and i've got cash for groceries
so i guess i am doing fine

now its a week later
and im down a job
its alright my mom said she was proud of me
i'm meant for something greater
don't wanna get bogged down
it wont be long before i'm in the ground

cuz i get fired all the time
but i can write a decent song
and i've got cash for groceries
so i guess i am doing fine
Track Name: How Long
How long will it take this time
for you to realise that im not worth a dime
i'll stick around
i'll try and change
you'll stick around
i'll stay the same
how long will it take for me to change
how long until you hate me
why would you even date me
i'm such a piece of shit
i know you must be sick of it

but we're together
lets enjoy it while were here
cuz there's probably no tomorrow
smoke some weed and drink a beer yeah we're
lets spend ten years in bed
and we'l give each other head until we die
until we die
Track Name: Holy Fucking Shit
Holy fucking shit
this job is killing me
my last day's in a week
it rots my soul it hurts my feet
i cant wait to do something new
but i cant stay anywhere
for more than a month or two

i just need to keep trying
to find something i like
i just want a job
that will compliment my life
well i guess i'll keep trying
to find something that works
but for now im done with getting hurt
for now i'd like to regain my self worth
Track Name: Laundromat
Took a shit in a laundromat
feelin good about where im at
i havent felt this good in years
but i could really use a beer

now im doin the sober thing
i wonder what its gonna bring me
so far its gone pretty well
apart from living in this hell

i'll go on
i'll put one foot in front of the other
i'll wrote more songs
hang out more with my brother
i'll go on
Track Name: Clogged
My left ear is clogged
and its driving me insane
it happened all the time when i was younger
i still feel like im five years old
but im almost twenty five
i dont feel like a grown up no
that kid is still alive

everyone acts big
with confidence like their so sure
they act live theyve all found the cure
for being young and dumb

im sorry mom but im your son
and im running this marathon
i just wanna have some fun
without hurting anyone

i just wanna have some fun.
Track Name: Toxic Tendencies
I put up a wall
mostly to tell you that i don't care at all
but you came crashing through

breaking boundaries

does it make you feel strong

told you not to call
but you called anyway
so i wrote this song
dont know what else to say
please don't contact me
i thought i made that clear

breaking boundaries
toxic tendencies
please don't contact me
ever again
Track Name: World Is Shit
The world is shit
and i am shit
and i'm starting to get sick of it
no one cares about your hair
you've got me pinned
and i submit

the world is shit
it makes me sad
i really really miss my dad
and now i'm here
and i'm pissed off
if you're still there
you get to watch me

wake up every morning
try and get to work on time
do my best to make sure
that the words in my songs sound the same
Track Name: Shirley Moats
Shirley moats
let me boast
you're the planet where i live
all my stuff to you i give
shirley moats
shirley moats
please just let me in my dreams
it is there that i scream
shirley moats

*sick guitar solo*
Track Name: Therapy
The warm embrace of alcohol
that i run to when i feel small
wont help me get my life together
i need to go to therapy
i think i smoke so i can cope
but its cuz i've abandoned hope
i'm scared of reality
i need to go to therapy

my metal health is slipping
i'm afraid to go outside
i'm sad
i'm over eating
i want to turn my back on life

I don't want to kill myself
but damn i want to die

I guess i'll have a drink
and smoke some weed
and probably eat a sandwich